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The Career Seminar class meets for one period each day. The overall goals of the course are to work with students as they are starting a new job, reflect on and update their post-secondary plans and enhance their Professional development and workplace skills. Basic financial literacy for independent living will be discussed as well.


In order to enroll in SBWE students must take College/Career Research and Development. CCRD is a two year program of study that prepares students with academic, technical, and workplace skills necessary to pursue future education and employment in a career field of their interest upon graduation from high school. 


Acceptable Job sites

- A student must receive a payroll check. A student CANNOT be paid in cash or with a personal check. Appropriate taxes and social security must be withheld.

-A student may NOT work in a private home.

-A student may NOT have a job where his or her IMMEDIATE supervisor is a relative.

-The job site MUST be in Montgomery County, the southern part of Fredrick County no further north than the city of Fredrick, or in Northwest Washington, D.C.